How to prevent My Printer Keep Going Offline on Mac PC?

My Printer Keep Going Offline on Mac PC

My Printer Keep Going Offline on Mac PC


Does your HP printer not working appropriately on your computer? Does it keep going offline whenever you try to print a document or an image on your Mac PC? Well my friend, you are not alone. This is the most common problem and most of the people face HP Printer Offline issue while using their computer. HP printer keeps going offline problem frequently crops up when there is printer connection problem or data corruption, and is specified by an exclamation mark inside a triangle. In most cases, usually in minor ones, you can fix this issue by checking the cable, network, cartridge, and paper jam issues. However, in some severe cases, in order to get your printer back to work you might need to reset and reinstall it. Here, we will show you some simple steps how you can easily fix the issue.

Firstly check your ink cartridges and paper jam issues:

• Turn on your HP printer and make sure it is correctly plugged in.

• Ensure that there are no loose cables and reconnect them accurately for proper connectivity

• Make sure that the printer has adequate amount of papers in the paper tray.

• Look inside the printer to ensure that there is no paper jams. If present, clear the paper jam carefully.

• Open your HP printer and check ink cartridges levels. To identify low ink warnings, check into your printer software. In order to get your printer back online, press OK to dismiss low ink warnings.

• Also, ensure that both computer and printer are on the same network in order to access printer.

Try Resetting and reinstalling your HP Printer

• Click the Mac PC’s menu and choose ‘System Preferences’

• From the hardware section, you will see print & scan just click on it.

• Press control key and simultaneously click on the printer list

• From the pop-up menu, click reset printing system.

• With the help of a USB or Ethernet cable, connect your HP printer. For direct connection, connect a USB cable directly from your PC to your printer.

• Open apple menu and click on the software update to download and install all the latest updates for your PC.

• Now, click on the apple menu and from the drop-down menu, click on system preferences.

• Click to open print & scan.

• Tap on the lock button and then enter your username and password.

• From the list of options, click on add printer or scanner.

• Look for your printer, select it and then click add.

• By doing so, Mac OS will automatically download and install the latest software and drivers for your printer to get rid of HP printer offline issue.

After applying these steps, you will be able to eliminate HP Printer Offline issue. If you are not able to fix this issue manually, then make a call at toll-free number and get desired help within stipulated time frame.

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